Wednesday, November 12, 2014

C-R-A-Z-Y! (10-27-14)

This week was crazy! just like every week is I guess. But for our small town of Maricopa, it was crazy.

So to begin with, A* is doing great! This week we gave her a Book of Mormon and she said she already feels different when she reads it. Then we talked about the plan of Salvation and she said it just makes sense that God would give us agency and continuous choices and opportunities to choose Him. We also gave her a map to baptism which is a calendar that has all the things she needs to do to prepare for her baptism on November 8th!

S* and T* are doing great as well! On Wednesday we had scheduled to go to the Phoenix Temple open house with them! It's cool we get permission to go because it was way out of our mission boundaries! So we fasted that day so that S* and T* would feel the spirit there. She called us 1 hour before we were supposed to leave and told us they were sick and couldn't come... But we knew how much the temple can have an impact on them and we knew Satan was just trying to stop them from coming. So we knelt down right where we were and said a prayer that they would be able to come to the temple. 30 minutes later we got another call back and T* said they were feeling like they could come now! Miracles happen! And the miracle was that they indeed feel the spirit at the temple, I mean who wouldn't? And their favorite room was the baptism font, it was mine too, because it was so beautiful! Afterwards T* said that the baptisms for the dead is something to look forward to! YAY!

So something crazy... we almost got shot or stabbed! it was like 8:50 one night and we decided to go knocking on our neighbors doors because all our other plans fell through. This one house looked friendly because there was a minivan in the driveway. We knocked on the door 3 times and there was no answer. we were about to walk away when some lady comes to the door and yells at us through the door, WHAT DO YOU WANT?!?. it took us by surprise so we didn't respond right away. so she yelled it again, WHAT. DO. YOU. WANT.?!? I timidly said, we're the missionaries for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. and she yells back, MISSIONARIES? THIS LATE? I DON'T THINK SO! so I was like, okay... we will come back later then... she responds viciously, NO. DON'T EVERY COME  BACK. I HAVE A WEAPON AND I WILL CALL THE POLICE. we looked at eachother and were like, okay time to go... so we start walking away and we look back to see her peeking through the window. Sister Bullard got scared so she starting booking it towards our house. So the lady opens her door and yells at us IF YOU WANNA LAUGH, COME BACK TO MY FRONT DOOR!!!! I don't look back but I keep walking and whisper to Sister Bullard... Go ahead, shoot me... hahah let's just say it was crazy. She acts like it was midnight, it was only 8:50! at home that's when the party is just starting! But here in Maricopa, once it gets dark around 6, the whole town like shuts down and everyone goes inside...

During exchanges with Sister T*, we tried to street contact all the people we saw on one street.. we talked to like 6 people and each one of them rejected us, HARD CORE. we were like, okay, great. haha then we went to this less actives house where all her kids had lice but she invited us in to see her house. it was crazy, we thought for sure we would get lice, but thankfully Heavenly Father was watching out for us. Her living situation was so sad though, she has a 14yr old son that is on house arrest until he is 18! That's 4 years of not going anywhere except school! He can't even have interaction with his siblings... She was in a state of despair so we just told her About the Atonement and how it makes up the difference.

We had a miracle happen. We went over to this Less-Active lady's house to teach her. She was on the phone and said that she would call us when we could come over (pretty much she doesn't want us just stopping by). So before we left we decided to do some service for her by sweeping her driveway, apparently she saw and after her phone call came out and thanked us. We then started talking and she found out we didn't have a dinner that night, so she invited us to eat Tacos with her that night! so we learned how to make tacos and we got to share the plan of salvation with her and her grandson after dinner! Service truly does soften peoples heart!

The last Crazy thing we found out this week... The member we are living with, doesn't want missionaries to live there anymore. And she wants us out ASAP. So we have a week and a half before transfers. So if we don't find anywhere else to live in that time frame, then sister B and I will both be transferred and they will put elders in our area so they can live with the elders from the other ward! So this week is going to be fun trying to find a place to live, because we definitely do not want to be transferred! A* baptism is 3 days after transfers!

Well even though life is crazy as a missionary, I love it. It really is the best! And thank you for all the support you give me! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! I LOVE YOU!
Sister Dewey

"Learning how to make tacos!" 

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