Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Happy Martin Luther King Day! And because of that, the library is

closed, so therefore there won't be any pictures this week either...
So sorry. But I hope you had a wonderful week! I sure did, every week
on the mission is wonderful and filled with interesting experiences!

We had a cool district meeting about our earthly fathers and Heavenly
Father. We took turns sharing attributes about our fathers. I said dad
was kind, patient, loving, smart, witty, and a rockstar. Aka, I pretty
much have the best dad in the world! But the cool part was as everyone
was sharing about their dad I realized that each of these attributes
relate to our Heavenly Father completely.
We were walking on the street playing some football with
these little kids and talking about Jesus when we saw this lady
walking her dog, so we started walking with her and found out she
doesn't believe in God, never has and never will... It was so sad. So
then we looked and saw these 3 guys playing basketball in their
driveway. One of them has a "rip city" shirt on so I was like heck
yeah, I'm going to talk to them! We started talking about the Blazers
and Oregon and found out that 2 of the guys were brothers and are
probably moving to Oregon soon! They asked us who we were and we got
started talking about religion. M is only 18 but he is the most
well versed about religion person I have met on my mission so far. He
truly is searching for the truth. He hawked us some challenging
questions and I just prayed for the spirit the whole time. We got to
testify of the Restoration and invite them to find out for themselves
if it was true. The other kid, A*, is Christian and said he
wouldn't mind having us over to his house and this is parents are
probably interested! At the end of lesson I said "if I make this shot
then you all have to come to church". I missed the first one because I
had my bag around me (threw off my balance... Haha) so I took it off
and made 5 baskets in a row, so now they all get to come to church at
least once! It was really cool to see how Heavenly Father led us to
play football with the little kids which led us to talk to the lady
walking her dog which led us to the kids playing basketball.

We had a member come with us to visit this guy named N*. He has a
disability and it's hard for him to remember things so we teach him
really slowly. We're nearing hate end of the lesson and it was going
alright. Then the member starting Bearing her testimony and holy cow
the whole lesson changed!! The spirit was so strong as she testified
of the Book of Mormon and promised him blessings if he read. It was
cool how even though he may not understand everything we say or read,
he could still feel the spirit, especially when the member testified!!
Members are seriously the BEST!!

We had zone interviews and it was great!! Sister Bullard,
the zone leaders and i gave a training to the zone about the Nature of
God, how life is like a football game, and how to come to know God
through revelation. The AP's said that out of all the zones our
gaining was the best because we are super United, energetic, and
enthusiastic! Maricopa is the Best! I am just scared that in a week
and a half when transfers come that I will leave this amazing place!!
An example of how amazing Maricopa is: for lunch after interviews we
went to subway and met this super cool guy named D*. He started
talking to us and asked about Joseph Smith. So we taught him the
restoration, gave him a book of Mormon, and got his address for the
elders to go by! No big deal, this all happened in subway.

We had a lesson with A* this week and went over the baptism
interview questions! She is so far good to go for her baptism on
Saturday! We are so excited for her and we will continue to pray for

We talked to this crazy girl on the street. She is a
sophomore, Protestant, and very against MORMONS. She started talking
to us and bringing up all this anti material. She had a book with her
that talked about all the wrong things about Mormonism. Apparently she
goes on mission trips around the world too. I asked her what her
purpose was in her mission trips and she said to go out and tell the
world how Mormonism is wrong. It was pretty sad and pitiful if you ask
me. But we were very kind and then just went our way.

We taught a Jehovah's Witness this week about the restoration and he
actually took it surprisingly well! He pretty much accepted Joseph
Smith and said he would pray about it and soft committed to baptism if
he found out he knew it was true. He still is insistent on giving us
his Bible and pamphlets though. So we will see how it goes!

Last night was the best ever! Our recent convert T* spoke at the
mission president's devotional! When she spoke it was so wonderful!
She was a natural and truly spoke with the spirit! I got a little
teary-eyed as she testified of this gospel! It was so cool to see how
truly converted she is. We found out she went to the Gilbert
Temple to do baptisms for the dead for the first time! Every time she
talks about her conversion she just shines and light is just beaming
from her! I love her so much and I'm so grateful to be a part of her
conversion. I know without a doubt that this gospel is true and that
it truly does change our lives if we let it. May we ever be more
converted today than we were yesterday! I love you all! Have a
wonderful week!

Sister Dewey

For Sis. Dewey's Birthday!

Temple day with the Zone

Sis. Dewey's birthday!

Christmas morning with sis. Dewey & sis. B