Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Testimony Strengthened

This week was like a roller coaster! A couple sad things, but Always something better afterwards!! I've learned the truth of the statement by Joseph Smith: "sometimes the Lord brings us down, just so He can lift us higher"!

This week we were working with C* and we felt impressed by the spirit to stop visiting her. This was one of the hardest decisions on my mission so far, I seriously LOVE C*, Like a love I have never felt before and I have grown so close to her! She tried reading the Book of Mormon and She feels like God is telling her not to read it, she didn't get anything out of it and the whole time she was reading she did not have a good feeling. So because she wasn't progressing, we felt that giving her some time is the best thing for both of us at this point... it was hard.

BUT we have 3 new amazing families we are working with!
      First is B*-she is a referral from the Elders and is Catholic but interested in learning more. We have met with her twice and gave her a Book of Mormon! She has already read 6 chapters and is planning on reading more!
     Second are S* and T*-they were former investigators that we found by street contacting. S is a Marine Veteran and lives with his mom T. They are both going though a divorce right now and said this is the time when the need God in their life the most. We gave them Book of Mormons and have been meeting at their neighbors home, who are members. We found out T is already to 2 Nephi and can't put it down! We took T to the Mission President's Devotional last night and it was a miracle we got there safe! There was a HUGE dust storm where we couldn't even see like 10 feet in front of us... Satan did not want us to go to that devotional that's for sure. But we said a prayer and made it to the ASU institute in safety. The meeting was wonderful and on the way home we got to speak with T about her experience so far with the church. She said it has filled in the gaps and the holes that have been in her life all these years! She said all of it just makes sense and she is at peace with what she is hearing and reading!
     Third is this wonderful family who are also neighbors with members that actually just moved. her name is A* and she has 6 wonderful little kids all under the age of 8! She has always been interested in the church and is at a point in her life when she needs structure for her kids! She has already been to church twice and loves it! On Saturday we had a lesson at the church and taught her the Restoration, we invited her to be baptized on November 8th and she accepted! I'm so excited for her and her family!

We also had this way fun Relief Society Party on Thursday! It was seriously such a great fellow-shipping tool! We had investigators, recent converts, and less actives there! It was a Halloween party and even though it seemed like something so normal to members, it meant the world to those we are working with! Never Under estimate the power of these activities!

I just want to bear my testimony about Joseph Smith and this restored Gospel. This week has been hard when people don't believe and question your faith. But I know without a doubt that Joseph Smith did in reality see God the Father and His son Jesus Christ. And through Joseph Smith, the true church was restored back on the Earth. I know this because the power of the Holy Ghost is real. I feel it in my soul and I feel it strengthened as I share it with others. May the whole world know of this glorious message! I love you all and thanks for the support!

Sister Dewey

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