Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Happy Halloween! (11/3/14)

Happy Late Halloween Everyone! This past week was really fun and full of changes! This week is the end of another transfer! thankfully Sister B and I will both be staying!

First off, we moved houses today! We moved into a couples home in our ward, the S*. Their home is super nice and we are excited to get to know them!

Also-BREAKING NEWS! the weather has finally changed! after so long of being hot! On Halloween it was 94 degrees and then once it hit November it literally changed overnight and we woke up and it was in the 70's! Sister Bullard and I were actually cold! Good things are coming my friend.

This week we have been working a lot with our recent convert K*, and teaching his non-member mother, M*! She is this super sweet and sassy black lady that could talk for hours and you would never get bored listening to her, I just love her! We found out that this whole time she thought we were nuns. hahah wouldn't be the first time someone has thought that of us.

We had our ward Trunk or Treat party on Tuesday and it was a huge success! We had so many investigators and less-actives there! And they all were fellowshipped and had fun and interacted with the members! And now we are helping a couple families return back to activity! You never know the impact that can have on someone.

We are still working with T*! It was so cool, we went over to teach the word of Wisdom and she had no problem with it! Then we started talking about when she wants to be baptized and she said after her divorce is final so that she can be baptized with her own name! She is really taking it seriously! So we set a date for December 13th! I'm so excited, it will be an early birthday present for me!
A part member family we are working with, less-active husband and non-member wife, went to the phoenix temple open house on Saturday and LOVED IT! They have a goal now to be sealed in the temple together as a family! and before we left, we took his cigarettes and lighter and threw them in the trash when we got home! not sure how happy he was with us, but in the eternal perspective, it's better that way :)

On Thursday we went on Exchanges with Hermana S. I love her, she is so sweet. She taught me some more Spanish, like greetings and small talk stuff. Also we had the coolest experience with skyping my friend A* from Home! So I didn't really know who she was, I know she went to Glencoe but I had never had a conversation with her. And I saw that she had liked one of my posts on facebook, so I messaged her asking what she liked about it. I came to find out that she has been less active for like 10 years and her grandparents are in the Evergreen ward. We started talking and I found out she is doing the BYU-I pathway program and is reading the Book of Mormon for the first time. I asked if we could Skype and we set up a time for Thursday. I felt the spirit so strong during that lesson as we talked and testified about the Book of Mormon. We talked about how the Holy Ghost changes us and makes us want to do better. By the end of the Lesson and after some teary eyed moments, she committed to go to church on sunday with her grandparents!

Halloween was fun, we got to help some less-actives make cookies and cake and get their costumes ready. Then we had to be home by 6 that night. So we pretty much spent the night packing for the move today. We had stake conference this weekend and got to hear from Elder Bradley Foster, Elder Christofferson and President Uchtdorf over a state-wide broadcast!

Lastly, on Sunday we took a trip out to the desert! We are working with a part-member family and the 2 boys, J and C are going to be baptized! They are so funny and get off topic really easily. So we are always looking for fun games to play while we teach. We also got to visit some other less-actives and see all their horses and their animals! I love it out here! and I love the work! I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Sister Dewey

"When we took away his cigarettes and lighter!"

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