Monday, November 17, 2014


"Soccer with the Zone on P-day!!"

This week was amazing, that's all I can say. Seriously my testimony of this Gospel seems to grow everyday as I see it blessing the lives of others and as I realize how much it CAN and WILL bless the lives of others!

on a funny note: we went by this girl's house, S*, and she is kind of interested and we were talking to her for a little bit and then all of a sudden her Baptist grandma comes out of the room and starts preaching to us about living in Fear and how we need faith and she just went off for a solid 20 minutes. And then when we tried to pray at the end she kept interrupting and yelling "PRAISE JESUS". It was funny and totally unexpected.

On Tuesday we had Zone meeting where Sister B* and I, and the zone leaders did some training for the zone! It was so powerful as we really pumped up the zone about each companionship having a baptism this transfer! The way to achieve that goal is through referrals and member presents, we also got out 10 baptism suits and had each companionship envision who was going to be in suit! Everyone was so excited afterwards and I just know that we have the best zone ever! Our goal was to ask for 200 referrals every week as a zone and after 2 days we were already at 154! #wethebest #HeavenlyFatherisamazing

We had dinner with the B* family this week! They are doing good, we are trying to help them see the importance of reading the Book of Mormon!! I know without a doubt that no one can read the Book of Mormon and NOT feel anything. And I know that reading the Book of Mormon is the fastest way to gain a testimony of this church and the best way to prepare for baptism. So we are working with them on that.

On Thursday we went to MLC (mission leadership council) with the Zone leaders. We received some powerful training from the assistants about how we are literally in a battle right now and how we have to unhesistantly go to the rescue when there is a "MAN DOWN!" We also got chastised by President T*, but all-in-all the meeting changed my life. I am now more committed to my Savior Jesus Christ and to serving those around me.

I had a cool experience when we went to this part member family on Thursday. We were teaching about the gospel of Jesus Christ and talking about repentance, faith, sacrament and the holy ghost. We heard the story of her ex-husband how he was so faithful but because he wasn't truly converted he fell away. I just sat there looking at these kids (who looked bored to death and weren't even paying attention) and I thought to myself, I hope these kids realize how important the gospel really is and how it literally is a way of life. The spirit came to me so strong and just whispered that nothing else is ever more important in life than the gospel and our relationship with Heavenly Father. Let's just it was a powerful moment for me and I know the Church is true!

We had a cool experience with a pest control guy that came to spray our house because there was a scorpion in it. we started talking and at the beginning he was kind of offensice but by the end we gave him a Book of Mormon and committed him to read 3 Nephi chapter 11!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, yesterday was the dedication of the Phoenix Arizona Temple!!!! it was one of the coolest feelings every! first, on Saturday we got to watch the cultural celebration where youth from my first area got to dance and sing for the prophet! Also-J*, my recent convert from Phoenix got to participate too! Then on Sunday we got a special recommend to go to the stake center (which is an extension of the temple) to watch the dedication. President Monson and President Uchtdorf were there and President Monson did the dedicatory prayer! The spirit was so strong and because President Monson was dressed in all white and the dedication took place in the celestial room of the temple, which is all white, He literally looked like he was glowing. He looked like an angel from God and he was speaking with such a strong spirit that I had to pinch myself to make sure it was real! I know without a doubt that we have a living prophet on the earth today and that he is the leader of this great church! Temples are amazing and I am so blessed to have seen the dedication of 2 temples this year in this great valley of the sun!

I love you all, thanks for the support! Have a great week!
Sister Dewey

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