Wednesday, October 1, 2014


"Friends from BYU-Idaho!"

"Sister M* is going home this transfer. I love her!"

"Sister M and I were wearing matching skirts so we had to take a picture!"

"Last pictures with Sister E."

This week has been So crazy! Lot's of changes! But change is good, it helps us grow. One thing that has changed slightly is the weather! In the mornings when we go out to run it is actually brisky! probably a whopping 70 something! And on Sunday we walked out from church and it was 98 and we were like wow, this feels good! There was also a huge storm on Saturday that flooded the roads! if it rains even a couple inches here it floods haha it's funny.
I got a change in companions this week! Sister B from North Carolina! Ive been with her for 4 days and already love her! She is half native american and half samoan and has the coolest eastern accent! She is a hard worker and we are going to see miracles this transfer! Transfers were also done super crazy this time! President put up on the wall who are new companions were and we just had to go and look. it was weird. He did that to save time because we are changing the zones in our mission. instead of having 10 zones, we now have 14 zones, Every stake is now going to have their own zone of missionaries! also, because of unique cirmunstances, we now have a sister in our mission that is a district leader! who knew? President T had to get special permission from the brethren, it's intense! and super cool! At transfers President made a really good point. We were talking about perfection and he said, "The only thing I can be perfect at is my desire to be perfect". Obviously we can't be perfect, but we sure as heck can try our best!
So the coolest experience happened this week as C*, one of our investigators had a change of heart... on Tuesday we went over so Sister E could say goodbye. we talked about the Book of Mormon and she said that she would not open it until God told her to... I looked deep in her eyes and asked her how she knew to read the bible, implying that it takes faith. She didn't really say anything and the conversation got switched to something else. On friday Sister B* and I went over there and showed her the Mormon message "a book of mormon story"... she started to tear up and afterwards the spirit was so strong as she told us that when I asked that question on Tuesday about the bible, it cut her to the heart. She realized she had to take a step of faith in order to read the bible and that is what she is going to have to do with the book of mormon. She was still scared, but I could just tell that the spirit has been working with her to change her heart. She commited to read from the Book of Mormon this week!!! Miracles Happen my friends. She also came to the General womens meeting on Saturday and felt it was very inspiring and comforting. and now she can't wait for General Conference this weekend! I can't tell you how long we have prayed and fasted that C will read from the Book of Mormon! I have no doubt that God answers prayers in His own timing.
I LOVED the general womens meeting! Holy Cow, revelation from prophets and apostles is amazing. Right when it started I just felt this overwhelming feeling of the Spirit. It literally hit me like a ton of bricks. I just felt this LOVE for my mom, my family, our investigators (C*, B* family, R* family, and A*), and for the gospel. My favorite talk was Elder uchtdorf. I can't wait for conference this weekend! I expect to hear about all the revelation you receive this weekend!
the Lord is truly amazing and I know He is at the head of this work. I love you all!
Sister Dewey

"Crazy storm!"

"The YW in M* ward! Love them!" 

"They had to eat crickets!"

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