Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Work is Hastening, catch the vision!


This week's as seriously filled with miracles!! The work is truly
hastening here in our little town of M!

So we went back to the house of a man, CJ*, that we talked to
on the street. He never answered, but we met his daughter, A* and
her kids. Turns out their neighbors used to be members and have been
trying to share the gospel with them. 2 days before we went over, her
husband, I*, had texted the member expressing that he wants to get
closer to God! So it was a miracle that we went over at that time and
were able to talk with the mom, A*! She has always been interested
in Mormons and said she has been meaning to pick up the Book of Mormon
that she has in her room. She and 3 of her kids actually came to
church on Sunday! They are super prepared and willing to try it out!

Another miracle- We Went to go visit a potential investigator and
actually ran into a recent convert, K*, and his mom M*! We never
before have been able to have a conversation with her, but because of
some humbling experiences that she is going through we were able to
talk with her! On Monday we showed her the because of Him video and
said it was just he hope that she needed to continue pressing forward.
We then ran into her again on Friday and showed her the mountains to
climb mormon message, she teared up and said that she knows it's time
to gain her faith back and start coming to church with her son! I
truly know that no matter what problems or challenges we face in life,
the Savior and His teachings, the gospel, will help us.

Another miracle-we received 2 referrals this week! One from the bishop
and one from the elders in a different ward! M*, the one from
bishop is also in a very humbling position right now in his life and
is open to hear our message and increase his faith. B*, the one
from the elders, is interested in knowing what we are all about!

We had zone meeting this week where the zone leaders and I trained our
zone of 20 missionaries on the things we learned at MLC. We did some
role plays and talked about how the spirit is the most important thing
in conversion. And the spirit can be felt the most in dedicated
buildings, such as members homes, church buildings, and the temple!
Our focus this transfer is #standonholyground. The miracle that
followed that training on Tuesday was by the end of the week we were
able to have 3 lessons at the church and set up a lesson to have in a
members home! When we are diligent, obedient, and faithful, God will provide a way. :)

One morning we got to do a service project for this less-active
family in the Spanish branch, in the desert! It was so fun! Their
property was pretty much a miniature Mexico with all sorts of animals
like turkey, peacock, ostrich, chicken, pigs, cow, goats, dogs, and
TARANTULA!! We got there and heard the Mexican music playing inside
the house and started weeding out in front. Then the best thing
happened... It started raining!! It actually rained pretty hard while
we were working and we found out it was 67 degrees! The coldest it has
been probably since last winter! Afterward, on the way home, we
stopped at this taco bus and got some super good tacos to seal the

Being a missionary is seriously the best. The work is hastening, no
unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing! We met a former
investigator who said he and his mom are willing to take the lessons
again and learn more! We met a less active mom who wants her non
member kids to come to church and learn more as well! And not only is
it hastening here, but also online! I got to have a Skype lesson with
one of my friends from home this week and am helping one of my less
active friends study the Book of Mormon through facebook!

I love you all! Hope you have a great week! Keep sharing your thoughts
about conference and sharing goodness on facebook! Remember to watch
meet the Mormons!

Sister Dewey

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