Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Elder Christofferson!!!

Even though it hasn't been a full week since I last e-mailed... It has
been jam-packed with amazing miracles, direction, revelation, and

President T called the whole mission together for a
"special meeting". He had recently met with Elder Cook and he
counseled President to hold a meeting. It was pretty much a meeting of
Chastisement. President told us of some things that have been going on
in the mission that need to stop. He told us we need to be better with
our I-pads, with Facebook, with daily schedules, with the rules, and
with our companions. He was very bold and blunt, but at the same time
very loving. And that's why I love President T. I felt very pumped
after the meeting to go work.

We woke up early and went to the ASU campus in Tempe to
meet and hear Elder Christofferson! He held a special meeting just
with our mission. When he walked in the spirit was SO strong. And we
each got to shake his hand and have him look deeply in our eyes, I
just knew that he truly is an Apostle of our Lord Jesus Christ. His
talk was really good! And I felt the spirit the whole time! He opened
it up for questions and then at the end, something cool happened. He
was about to finish, then stopped and said "may I caution you of a
serious sin... Rebellion." It got so quiet. This is exactly what
President had talked to us about the day before. He spent 5 minutes
asking us soul-searching questions and told us to dig deep and find
those rebellions that are holding us back and then to just give it up.
It was amazing. An apostle, not knowing anything about our mission,
just confirmed in my heart exactly what my mission president spoke of.
We also heard from Elder Corbridge of the seventy and Bishop Davies of
the presiding bishopric. The latter talked about not getting the DIMS
on your mission. (Discouragement, idolness, murmuring, sin)

We have had to stop going by a lot of people because they were not
willing to progress or keep commitments. It was hard and took a lot of
faith. But we found miracles because of it. Randomly when we were in
the store, a worker came up to us and asked us for a Mormon.org card
to give to Her friend, J, that lives down the street. We gave her
our number and hope to hear from him soon! #miracle! Also at church
this random family showed up. It was a less-active mom and two
non-member sons that she wants them to start coming to church now!

TRANSFERS ARE THIS WEEK!! Ahh!!! My companion is getting transferred
after being in this area for 6 months. I'm going to miss
her, I've really learned how to love during this companionship. And I
got called to be a Sister-Training Leader! It's like a Zone leader,
but for sisters! I still feel like I don't know what I'm doing, but
apparently the Lord has something in store for me. I will be staying
in Maricopa and getting another companion that will also be a
Sister-Training Leader with me! I'm excited and ready for this new

Also-we ended the challenge that we had with the other sisters
today..... It was a challenge to see who could lose the most weight in
2 weeks. And whoever lost the least amount has to eat a cricket and
the winner gets 12$. And Sister E and I won!!! I lost 13
pounds and she lost 9 pounds! I was so happy, we worked SO hard! The
key will be to keep it off... The struggles of missionary life haha.
Gotta love it! :)

I love you all! Have a great week!
Sister Dewey

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