Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Mission Tour! (9/1/14)

This week was another amazing week! I don't have a lot of time but just know there were many miracles and The Lord is truly in every detail of this work.

On Wednesday, we had the mission tour. Where half of our mission came together to hear from a general authority. We got to hear from Elder Switezer, from the seventy, and his wife. In addition to them we heard from President T, Sister T, and the AP's. It was probably one of the coolest meetings I've ever been to as a missionary. Elder Switezer talked about the power of observation and following the spirit. As well as baptism by Fire and the Holy Ghost. He encouraged us to watch the district and training segments in our companionship
studies to pick them apart and really receive revelation. It was way cool. President T talked about Humility and Sister T talked about charity. I realized that as a missionary, nothing we do is for ourselves. This mission is not about me at all. It's truly about loving everyone; companions, members, and investigators. I am slowly learning how to love.

We visited C this week and we decided we are going to start over with the lessons with her and just go super slow. It was cool how during the lesson, because we were just really focusing on her and her needs, we were able to discuss her concerns. I've learned that people are more willing to open up when you love them. And REALLY love them! We visited E for the first time in like 3 weeks. She shared with us that she has figured out on her own about how we are all on earth for a reason and that after we die it's not the end. It was so cool, we shared he plan of Salvation pamphlet with her. She was amazed how she had just had this realization and then we come over and share with her the same thing and confirm what she already knows! It so cool how
before this life we were all taught the gospel and now we are just bringing it back to peoples memory.

Saturday we did service in the morning, helped a lady move in, and I actually got a little sunburnt on my face! It's crazy! First time in a while I've gotten burnt. We also went to the ward potluck on Saturday with some investigators!

On Sunday Sister E and I gave talks in sacrament meeting. Surprisingly it was my first talk as a missionary. She talked about faith and I talked about the power of the gospel and sharing it. The biggest miracle of the whole week though was the R family came to church!!!! After 4 months of meeting with missionaries, they finally came to church!!! It was a miracle and a huge answer to prayer.

I love it here! I love being a missionary! I loved playing soccer in 100 degrees today as a zone.... Haha it was worth it though. Haven't played in a while. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Sister Dewey

"Dancing in the rain. Every time it rains it's like manna from heaven! It's the best!"

"We tracked into this super cool lady MB! And she collects my favorite animal, elephants!! She goes to another church but really respects our religion and our morals, values, and focus on families."

"Ward potluck with our investigators M and AR"

"Messing around in the car before we did service on Saturday!"

"Instead of bringing food we brought supplies for members to hand out! I'd say it's better than any food anyone could offer."

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