Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Week of Miracles!

This week was SO Good! I feel like I learn so much in one week it's crazy! One thing I learned is I love rain!! Haha go figure. I have never been so happy to wake up to it raining outside. We woke up to it, got to tract in it, then go to bed while it was raining! And that day it stayed below 100 degrees all day! #miracle

Another thing I re-learned is that the Members Rock!! Seriously though, this week was awesome, during our lessons they would just like take over and start teaching and testifying exactly what the investigator needed to hear. They were able to connect so much better and help bring out concerns. This work truly would not go forward without the members!!! Speaking of hastening the work, I hope you all got to watch the Talk by Elder Bednar this past week about sharing goodness! It was cool, this week I got to see the contrast of evil and good in this world. Sister E had a doctors appointment this week so I sat in the waiting room trying to read my scriptures while the news was on. There was so much evil on TV! Then during lunch after her appointment we watched elder Bednar's talk and he brought up flooding the earth with goodness, and using technology to do it. It made me think how blessed I am to have this Gospel of HAPPINESS! :)

We are working with the R* family still. We gave them this cool "map to baptism" which is a calendar that we give them with all of the things they need to do to be baptized. They do have some concerns that we are working with but I have faith that they will be ready and prepared by that date! We also got some sad news this week.... The B* family who are amazing and supposed to be baptized soon. Well the dad who is working in South Dakota got called from his work that he needs to stay longer. And now we don't know when he will be home! This is a major setback because the mom and the kids are SO ready!! And the longer they wait the harder Satan is going to work on them. But I know God has His own timing.

So remember last week I talked about how we were going to focus on referrals this week?!? WELL... Let me tell you, God hears and answers prayers! In every prayer this week Sister E and I prayed that we would get a referral. And then we were doing Facebook and got a random call from Elders in the Mesa Mission that said they have someone moving into our ward! #miracle. Then, the next day we were out with a member and asked if she knew anyone that could use an uplifting message and she said her neighbor! So we will go by them the next time we are out with her! #miracle. Then, we went out to the desert again this week and after off-roading a little bit we found this less-active lady's house and come to find out she has 2 kids that haven't been baptized yet and are semi-interested! #miracle. Lastly, at dinner the member told us his neighbor wants to talk
religion with him so the member's going to ask his neighbor if we can join them! #miracles!!!!

Also another miracle real quick. If you remember C*, a lady that is totally against the Book of Mormon and doesn't understand our church... Well we found out that her DAD is getting baptized Mormon on Saturday in Mesa!!! That is Huge! Hopefully while she is there she will feel the spirit touch her heart and the power of that sacred covenant.
I love this gospel, I love the work, and I love you all!

Sister Dewey

"When we go out to the desert I feel like I'm at the zoo! Or more like a farm. Haha the members have sweet birds, cows, peacocks and cacti. Haha."

"At the H family's house for dinner in the desert!! Got to hold their bunny, take pics by their car, and see the skulls of the cows they have already eaten."

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