Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Temple Day! (9-17-14)

Today was amazing! This past week and a half went by super slow

because we were all waiting to go to the temple this morning! The
temple is truly wonderful, I miss going there once a week! I am
reminded when we go of how much I love my family and am grateful to be
with them FOREVER!! I'm also reminded of the ultimate goal of our
investigators: to be sealed as families in the Temple for time and all

This week was the first time I've ever felt "cold" in Arizona. We were
biking in the rain and then afterwards our clothes were soaked and we
would go into air conditioned homes... It felt good to be cold.

This week I learned a lot about love, patience, humility, doing vs.
becoming, and how sharing the gospel can be very natural. It's hard
not to feel like a robot sometimes as a missionary and this week we
had 2 amazing members come out with us that reminded me how natural
gospel conversations can be. And that's when they are most effective.
When someone knows that you Love them, Care about them, and Trust them
amazing things can happen. We followed a prompting to talk to this
lady on her porch smoking. We got to know her and found out she is
catholic and is trying to get custody of her granddaughter
right now. We once again followed a prompting to give her a picture of
Christ pass along card that we hand out to people that has the
"finding faith in Christ" video on the back. She was speechless and
ran inside... She came out with the exact picture/card framed! Her
husband got it from a "co-worker" (who has to be Mormon) and brought
it home to frame it! And now we are going to go back to give her the
video. You never know what a simple card can do for someone and their
family. :)

We have had to drop a lot of people we were working with because they
really weren't that interested and not keeping commitments. It's hard,
we are trying to find more people to teach now, but I know that there
are more prepared people here in Maricopa! Our focus is obviously
trying to find people through the members, that's where the most
success is going to come. We are still working with B family and
have really started to focus a lot on the Grandma. She was intrigued
about the plan of Salvation and this week we are going to help her
with family history! It's amazing how many people are lost without a
purpose in life, the plan of salvation truly is there to show how much
God loves us. We went out to the desert to teach the K boys on
Sunday! It was great and they are preparing to be baptized in
November! We are still working with C, her dad got baptized on
Saturday and she came to church on Sunday! Slowly but surely she is
understanding a little here and a little there and opening her heart.
I have complete faith in her and The Lord.

Super funny- we went to visit a less active last night, we had an
appointment set up for. We got there and the house is dark so we
knock and wait... The dogs were barking so we know she heard us. No
one came so we knocked a little harder, trying not wake up the baby.
Finally she opens the door with a huge butcher knife in her hand and
frying pan. She was ready to stab us and knock us out!! Hahah turns
out she totally forgot about the appointment and thought it was some
stranger trying to get in her house! Haha good times. The life of a
missionary... You never know what you're going to get!

I love you all! Have a great week! We find out on Sunday if any of us
are getting transferred! So crazy that it's already been 6 weeks! Love

Sister Dewey

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