Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Week of Inspiration!

"Recent convert M S and his boys came to K's baptism last Saturday!"

"At the mission president devotional with M and Sister C." 

"Recent convert B and his family we met in the desert, and they gave us cool things!"

"In the desert when we went to the less-active family's house! We got to try on all their clothes and hold their guns! It was crazy!" 

This week was super good! I learned A LOT, seriously, being on a mission I learn so much everyday about myself and The Lord and this Gospel and all the wonderful people we meet! The biggest lesson I learned this week would have to be about humility and love. I realized that my pride was getting in the way of feeling the Spirit and having unity in our companionship. It's so cool to see how without the Spirit and the help from God, we really are hopeless. I realized I need to be humble and submissive and in tune with the Spirit. I am trying harder this week. :) I also learned that this work is not going to move forward without the members help. I realized that the most solid people I have taught on my mission come from member referrals. So this week we are praying for referrals and focusing a lot on that.

At transfer meeting-we all went even though we didn't get transferred-President T* talked about making every moment count. These moments on our mission shape us into what God wants us to be so it's our job to make them count and to let it shape us. I loved it.

This week was a slower week for us. We got dropped by a couple people... But, we had some miracles and found a few super cool people! For example we had been knocking on this one potentials house forever and this week, the day we got dropped by E, the potential finally answered the door! And we have a lesson with her!

We went out to the Desert! It was way fun! We visited a recent convert and his family and the Grandpa makes these super cool toys and souvenirs from Arizona and we got to pick out a bunch! Then we visited a less-active family where the dad has been trying to get the wife to church and it was the perfect timing for us showing up!
The family does mounted horse shooting as a sport so we got to try on their clothes and see the horses!

We did some service for this family in the ward. It was CRAZY! We went to go clean the whole house, but we ended up spending 2 hours just on the kitchen. And it wasn't even all the way finished yet. Let's just say we worked hard. And while we were working I lost my CTR ring... Yeah there was no way in heck we were going to find it in that house... BUT, with a prayer and A LOT of faith, we found it! #miracle. Later, We had another miracle happen, We went by a member to see if she could come visit her neighbor with us (the same one as last
week). So we go over there and they weren't home... We asked if she knew anyone else on the road that could use an uplifting message. She took us to her other neighbor, S*, and we shared the Because of Him video with her! It was way sweet and hopefully we will be able to meet with her again sometime! The miracle is though, that the member introduced us to her friends!

Later that day we went to the temple visitors center with the B family! Their grandma, who is super catholic, came and loved it too! We watched the testaments and they all committed to read the Book of Mormon afterwards! It was sweet! And the best part was when we wen through the "God's plan for our families" the grandma just cried as well as sister B. The spirit was strong. Let's just say, I'm so grateful for families and Gods amazing plan for us! :)

Lastly, last night there was a Mission President Devotional. And our recent convert, M*, was chosen to speak! It was so sweet. He just spoke from the heart and testified that whatever the missionaries had taught him is true because his whole life has changed. The Gospel of Jesus Christ truly does change lives. I know it's true without a
doubt. I love you all!

Sister Dewey

"Our craziness!"

"Some members of our ward. Gotta love them."

"We made it a transfer together!!! Hahaha."

"K's Baptism!"

"Super cool rubber ducky for sale. Oregon pride. Really wanted to buy it. Haha."

"On Saturday we went to the Temple visitor's center with the B family! Their grandma came, who is catholic, and loved it!"

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