Monday, August 4, 2014

Crazy Week!

"One of the member's cool cars!" 
"The YW had Christmas in July! It was so cool!"

This week was super crazy! Talk about a roller coaster. So many things happen everyday!
We met this super cool guy named J*. Who we were hesitant to go talk to becasue it was raining (for once in Arizona) and he was working hard and the member that was with us didn't want to bug him. But we felt prompted so we walked up to him and immediately he put up a wall and said "you got the wrong guy" and "i'm not religious"... We kept talking with him and found out he has this one question. Why are there so many churches and how do you know if any of them are right. We told him that we had the answer to that and about how we ask God our questions. He was surprised, telling us that we were the first ones that could ever answer that question, even all of the preachers he's asked. It was way cool. We haven't been able to contact him since then, but at least he knows now!
We had a crazy lesson with our investigator C*. Our member was very bold with her, turned out offending her and making her cry... later in the week we went by and calmed her down and were very loving with her, I truly felt God's love for her during that lesson. She came to all 3 hours of church yesterday and we think she really liked it!
We are continuing to go by the B* family so that they can be preparing for their baptism on August 30th. We went by one night and found out that they have been reading the Book of Mormon together as a family everyday! The joy is incredible to see the peace come into their home and the unity in their family.
The 17year old, K* had his baptism interview on Saturday night and passed! So his baptism is this Saturday at 7pm! We are so excited for him! And hopefully his mom will come too and feel the amazing spirit that is always at baptisms!
We are now working with a recent convert, M*, and his sons. We had a lesson with the 3 boys last night and they all want to be baptized! They are only in Maricopa with their dad on the weekends, so that will be a struggle trying to teach them, but I have faith and know that God has a plan for this family. As well as every family we meet!
Even though we had an amazing week, stat wise, with 30 member presents, 5 of those families dropped us this week. That was sad. BUT. I know that this is a trial of our faith and that there are more prepared people here in Maricopa that God is waiting for us to find! I am excited for this challenge and I love this work! Seriously, missionary work is the Best. it's like Tony Horton on p90X always says "I hate it, but I LOVE IT!" I love this Gospel and know it's true. :) Have a wonderful week ya'll!
Sister Dewey

"Yep, it was 121 degrees today!"

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