Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Transfer Calls!

This week was super Good! Learned a lot about humility, patience, and gratitude. I realized without God's help and the spirit, I am nothing.

We got to ride bikes this week for the first time since I've been in M*, because we didn't have members that came out with us. It felt good to ride a bike again, but it felt super weird going without a member. The members are everything, seriously, their testimony and their spirit change the while lesson and investigators listen to them more.

Met this super cool guy this week named J*. We went to go visit the R* family, who have kind of been off and on lately and their cousin J* was there. He seemed really interested in who we were and what we had to say. We talked about the plan of salvation (just pre-earth life and the creation) and he just soaked it up, and was asking
lots of questions. The next day we came back and talked about Jesus Christ and the Atonement. He, and the family, listened so intently showing that they had never learned about Christ before. The Spirit was so strong as we got to testify about Jesus Christ and His pure love for us. We found out J* lives in Phoenix, in the area I used to be in, so we sent a referral to the missionaries there and I hope the best for him!

Went on Exchanges with Hermana S* this week! I learned so much from her! Even though she has only been out 6 weeks, she is so powerful and humble. We talked about how truly humble we need to be and how we always need the spirit with us. I love in PMG how it says "your confidence should be in Christ, not in yourself. Rely on the Spirit and trust that He will guide you" she also taught me some Spanish!

It was a cool lesson for me about following the spirit and being humble. We were walking around and driving for a couple hours and were having no success. We had like 10 minutes before dinner and we could have easily just gone home early. But we felt like God needed us out here for a reason. We had already tried all the ideas we had in our own minds. So we decided to stop the car and pray. We were guided to a members house. Who turned out not to be there, but their neighbor was working in the yard. We decided to go talk with Him and found out he works with a lot of Mormon's and really likes us and wouldn't mind learning more! The coolest part was while we were talking the member came home and came over and talked with us too. We had a short lesson about Faith in Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon and then left. Leaving the member there to create the friendship! Heavenly Father is amazing and will always lead us in the right direction.

Saturday was Also K*'s BAPTISM!! It was sweet!! And after he got confirmed he bore his testimony about how he felt the spirit while being baptized! Super cool! Also a recent convert, Michael, got to bless the sacrament for the first time! It was SO COOL! Missionary work is amazing. I love it. And this week is transfers and Sister E* and I are staying in M*!
Love you all!

- Sister Dewey

"Found this sweet cactus while tracting the other day. In one of the pictures I was holding onto the cactus...BAD IDEA. Even though the cactus looks like it only has big thorns spread out on the turns out that the whole thing is COVERED in little bitty teeny tiny thorns about a centimeter long. And the whole rest of the day I was trying to take them out of my hands. So lesson learned, even though I thought I could avoid the "temptations" or "traps" or "thorns" of satan, he is deceitful and disguises them with something normal. In the end, avoid evil and the thorns all together. It's much safer."  

"On exchanges with Hermana S*. We didn't have dinner that night, so after K's skype lesson with recent convert K* we looked in the kitchen for food. And we found ice cream in the freezer and perfectly good doughnuts in the garbage. Yep. That's the missionary life for ya!"

The M Zone! 

"This sweet small town restaurant we went to for lunch on Friday. The lady owns the store, Helen's Kitchen. And our waiter J* gave us free brownies! Best day ever!" 

"At a clothing exchange we were in charge of for a service project, while on exchanges with Hermana S*"

"This lady that just moved into our ward has 10 parrots and 1 big blue McCaw. It was SO SWEET! We ate dinner and got to hear them talk to us while we ate. They were saying "hello!" Haha it was so funny!"

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