Tuesday, July 1, 2014

"Crazy Week"

This week has been SO CRAZY! Holy cow. I love missionary work, it keeps me on my toes. haha
First off, I am getting transferred this week! Actually, my companion and I are both getting transferred. I love MV so much and I am going to miss it, I mean I've been here for 6 months. But I am ready and excited for this change! 

We are teaching this guy, T, who is amazing and hast the kindest heart. He is the one that just got out of prison and is super prepared. We showed him the bible video of Jesus getting baptized and he asked "why did He need to be baptized if He was perfect?". Talk about perfect question, we explained how Christ was the example for us and the importance of baptism, then he said if he's off parole, then he wants to be baptized on July 19th! Also- when we taught him about Joseph Smith and the Restoration we asked him if he thinks that Joseph Smith is a prophet. And he said "well yeah, Jesus and God came to him and gave him the permission and authority to baptize". It's so cool how the gospel not only makes sense but that we can feel the truth of it by the power of the Holy Ghost. Also we finally recorded his poem/rap that he wrote! It's so good! I am trying to find a way to send it home. We told him to write one for his baptism and he's "in the process" now. 

J is still super awesome, she is like the best. She goes to yw all by herself and not his week but next week is girls camp. It's cool because she will come home from girls camp on July 11th and then be baptized on July 12th! hopefully I get to come back for her baptism from wherever I'm being transferred to! 

It was cool, we go to visit a member in these apartments and almost every time we see this guy, her neighbor coming home from work. So one time we got to talk to him and he invited us back to teach him and tell him what we're all about. We came back on Friday night and taught him the Restoration. He is very sincere and wants to know the truth, the spirit was there and he said he would come to church! He is actually from El Salvador and speaks better spanish so we are probably going to pass him off to the spanish missionaries. (that happens a lot here in phoenix). 

We went by this crazy less active, he seemed interested at first but then he just went on this rant about how there is no religion and we are all wrong and need to repent and change our ways, he actually like started yelling at us it was crazy. And then at the end, he said he wants to marry sister M and when we left he gave us hugs and kissed our hands. Super weird... haha 

Also on sunday this guy came to church with his cousin who is a member. The guy started attacking the elders in our ward, Elder F and Elder B. He started cussing at them and pulled out a knife and tried to stab them, ALL IN THE CHAPEL! it was super sketchy, they called the cops and apparently it's just because he didn't take his medicine in the morning so he becomes very violent. It was so crazy though! Welcome to MV... haha 

Well I hope you have a wonderful week! Thanks for all the support! I love you all!
Sister Dewey

"the beautiful sunset-and of course the tennis shoes on the telephone pole mean that there are drugs nearby... haha gotta love phoenix"

Guy with large mohawk 

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