Monday, July 14, 2014


This week was amazing! I don't have a lot of time to write but I truly know that miracles are happening and that the Lord is directing His work!
We met this lady, C*, on the street. She seems super cool, pretty open, and attends the "church of celebration" across the street from our church. We met with her a couple times this week and taught her the Restoration and about the Book of Mormon. She has a HUGE concern about the Book of Mormon. She believes the bible is the only book and that the Book of Mormon came from the devil. She won't even open it or touch it. During the lesson where she was telling us all this, I knew I couldn't argue with her opnion. (I didn't want to bring contention by bible bashing) So the only thing I could do was testify and stand up for my beliefs. I felt the spirit so strongly as I told her that I knew without a doubt the Book of Mormon is true and real, and my testimony was strengthened so much that day. And in the end she told us "I'm surprised you guys didn't walk out and leave when I told you my opinion." Then she went on to say that she knows theres something different about us and she respects us a lot. It may not be her time right now but we definitely left an impact on her and I became more converted as I had to defend what I know. I truly do know the Book of Mormon is true and I know it because I read it and feel closer to God and peace in my life.
We are still working with the B* family who are on date for August 2nd, and then we are continuing to work with K*, the 17 year old boy we met last week. We met with him, gave him a church tour, ended it at the font and invited him to be baptized on August 9th and he agreed!
I also got to attend J*'s Baptism on Saturday!!! It was the sweetest experience I have ever had. I got to speak about the Holy Ghost and let me tell you, it was there. And K* was back from Hawaii and J*'s whole family was there! I have complete faith that one day that family will be united together through baptism and the temple! This Gospel is amazing. I love being a missionary! Thanks for all you do! Also-don't know if I mentioned but here in Maricopa we live with members in a house! so that's different from the apartment in Phoenix, but it's still great! They are actually ward missionaries!
Sister Dewey

We love our beautiful missionary sister Dewey!! 

J's baptism! 

The R family
"Sister C, the member we live with!"

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