Monday, June 23, 2014

A "crazy, faith-filled" week!

This week was so crazy, faith-filled, and truly showed me that God works in mysterious ways and will always provide a way to accomplish His work.

On Monday, we had super cool experience. We had a super bad lesson with one of our investigators and we were feeling super down and depressed, and we said a prayer to bring the Spirit back. We had 10 minutes left in the day and instead of going home we went to visit a less active. We found out he moved and the person that lived there, T*, is actually golden. He just got out of prison and is really ready to change his life, we talked about Jesus Christ and how baptism is a perfect way to change and become better. He said that he wants it in his life and told us to come back and he would go to church on Sunday. We showed him the "because of Him" video and he said it reminded him of a poem he wrote. He then proceeded to rap for us for 2 minutes this poem he wrote about his relationship with God and how he wants love to last forever. It was sweet! next time im going to ask him to say it again and I'll record it. 

J* is still awesome and ready for her baptism on July 12. She told her 2 cousins about girls camp and they thought it sounded super cool and asked J* if they could go. It was funny because she said 'ya of course, if you come to church with me first' so they came on Sunday. haha it was sweet. Also for one of J*'s lessons this week, we couldn't find a member to come with us so we skyped her sister, K*, in from Hawaii! It was so cool to have her testify of keeping the Sabbath day holy even in Hawaii, and the spirit she feels and the difference it makes in her life. 

We had Zone conference this week! And we found news about our mission being a pilot mission for a new program. So it's going to start with Spanish and eventually go to other languages. But missionaries who are assigned Spanish in our mission, 2 months before they enter the MTC are going to be assigned an online tutor. That tutor will help them learn spanish and the lessons before they go into the MTC so when they go they will learn so much more by the time they get out in the field. Then that tutor will be with them checking in all through their mission and with 2 months left will help them transition back to normal life and help them apply for college and things. And then the goal is to have those missionaries come home and be assigned as a tutor for the next missionaries! It's so cool! The work is hastening and just like the apostles said, "the MTC will be in the home". 

C* is doing good, gospel wise, and is trying to find a new place to live. She came to church again and we had an amazing lesson about the Book of Mormon. It's amazing the power of the Book of Mormon. It literally brings the Spirit so strongly into our lives. 

I love this gospel so much and I love this work. God lives and loves us so much!  I love you all! Have a wonderful week! This is the last week of this transfer! It's crazy it's gone by so fast. On Sunday I find out if I'm leaving or not... I will go where the Lord wants me to go! BUT, i really do love phoenix. 

Sister Dewey

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