Monday, March 10, 2014

Magical March

Hello everyone!
This week has been so amazing, like usual haha. We had a less-active who invited one of our investigators over for dinner, and now they are friends and can talk about the gospel and strengthen eachother's testimony. It is amazing to see that when the members get involved they do the finding and teaching and the missionaries are just there for support and the preparing them for baptism.Also we had a referral come to us that turned out to be a less active that wants to come back to church and she has a 9 year old daughter who she wants to get baptized! I'm telling you every member whether active or not active has friends that can benefit from the Gospel. And when we work together as one the Lord will provide. On sunday was our first regular sunday in a while. and our first sunday with our newly changed ward! It was SO packed it felt like a stake conference haha. It's going to be great working with the new members from the old ward that are now in ours! Along with the boundary changes our ward didn't get any more missionaries so they're are still the 4 of us and our areas just doubled! It's crazy, but it will definitely be worth it as we can come together as a ward and start the fire of missionary work!

Sister Dewey's Zone 
We had a Zone meeting this week where our zone leaders sang a song about magical march. This month is truly going to be magical as we focus on the members and being consecrated missionaries. We had a zone fast on Wednesday and pretty much our zone is the best. The ZL's made an oar of righteousness from an oar they found in the alley... don't know how clean it is, but they gave it to the missionaries with the most member presents last week. So we got it, it's sweet. We are still focusing on the BOM in our mission as we continue reading it. I have seen my testimony increase so much as I have read and applied the teachings and then help my investigators apply the teachings. Seriously the BOM is the

"The oar of righteousness"
We went to give a Bible to a referral, he was sleeping so we talked to his friend and his brother and had a lesson with them about the restoration and they are interested in learning more. We have also been teaching a less-active's sister, Jz*. Jz* is legit.She doesn't show her emotion very much and when she starts feeling the spirit she just starts joking around. so it is hard to tell if she is really taking in what we are teaching her, but I have faith and Know that she will come around. Also I told you about J* falling off the wagon, yeah we still haven't heard from him, but we still visit the kids and for once the mom, v* sat in a lesson with us and said the closing prayer! She realized she needs to be an example to her kids! The Lord works in mysterious ways.

I love you all very much! Have a wonderful week! enjoy the rain, because it is starting to get hotter here! ahh!!!
Sister Dewey

"This random turkey crossing the road" 

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