Tuesday, March 25, 2014


This week has been super LEGIT!
besides the fact that twice this week while trying to go to sleep I've heard gunshots. that's comforting. haha and that on sunday we went to this apartment complex to visit this lady, E*, and one building was ALL BLACK like it was burnt and was taped off and there were police and fire trucks there. It turns out that some guy was abusive to his family and deliberately set his apartment on fire with his family inside! And then just outside the apartment, a police man was writing a report and some guy walked up and was being abusive to the police so he shot him... haha so lovely I know. But it's crazy because I know that we are in the GHETTO and things happen like that all the time around here, but I never feel scared because I know the spirit is with us and protects us. Also when the Lord is on your side you have no need to fear! (whose on the Lord's side who?) haha 

But on monday we met with J* and her sister D*, taught them about the Word of wisdom again and asked them "do you want to change or not" so then they gave us their coffee maker, tea, and cigarettes. it was sweet, don't worry we threw it away!

The most Legit part about this whole week is our continual progress with working with the members! First off we had members with us at almost every single lesson this week! Which is really how the Lord wants us doing this work! 2nd, This recent convert, A*, we are now teaching her brother and her friend. 3rd, This recent convert family, who has a nonmember living with them, told us this week that after seeing them get baptized he wants to take the lessons and get baptized! seriously, it is the best, because with those people we know they are going to be strong because they have that member fellowship that they need to help them along their path to conversion. We are continually trying to do our finding through the members, and then the members that come with us to Lessons, have them do a lot of the teaching! We also had a ward BBQ on saturday that a lot of people brought their nonmember friends to! So that was good! It was funny because the BBQ wasn't really an american BBQ, it was carne-asada and rice and beans and salsa. But hey, i'm not complaining, I loved it!

I love the Gospel! I love this work! And the sun is really starting to shine these days! it got up to 90 this past week! So crazy! Well I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week! thanks for the support!
Sister Dewey

"One of the sisters in my Zone. Sister H* from south Dakota! We were totes matching but didn't even plan it!"

"Our ward mission leader bought us tons of juice!! it was sweet!"

"Been here for almost 3 months and I just barely found this sign that I pass by everyday! haha"

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