Monday, January 27, 2014

Game Time!!

Hello Ya'll!

  I hope everything is going swell with all that you are up to!
This week has been great. I'm starting to feel like an actual missionary. haha For real though, I'm getting more comfortable teaching and opening my mouth to people on the streets. My bum is slowly getting used to being on a bike all day. Seriously, life is great. A word about the biking, I realized how ineffective it is. The most effective thing we can do is have members come out with us and drive us. That is our goal for this week, have more members come with us. This past week especially I have noticed that with our investigators and less actives, the thing that they need the most is fellowship. Friends from the ward. So I hope everyone back home is fellowingshipping too! It helps so much you don't even know. 

  But in our area there are a lot of less actives that we go and visit because there are technically like 700 people in our ward but probably just over 100 show up, and the majority of those people are over 50 years old haha. It's so great though, my ward is awesome! Everyone is so nice and willing to help us out. A lot of the people we go and visit have little spanish kids running around and it is SO hard for me not to just pick them up and start playing with them! And this week was my first time getting chased by dogs haha they were just little chiuauas so its was funny. And one day we were riding our bikes and we got ice thrown at us a couple times, we were like Samuel the Lamanite though and nothing could hit us. Another thing that is funny is seeing the ice cream truck ALL the time every day. I was like what the? In Oregon you see them like twice a year. haha so one day when we didn't have a dinner appointment we got ice cream. it was sweet.

  Tuesday was a super awesome day. My first district meeting was solid. it was cool because we role-played how to introduce the BOM and teach about it. (which, by the way, the Restoration lesson is split in 2 now. You teach all the way up past Joseph Smith then you stop and say that tomorrow we have a gift to bring you, then you bring the BOM. and have a lesson just about it. It's so much more powerful because the BOM, combined with the Spirit, is the most powerful tool in conversion. And if people aren't reading it everyday then they won't progress, or not nearly as fast as if they were) My testimony of the BOM has grown so much these past 2 weeks and will continue to grow as I read it, study, apply it and then help my investigators do the same. so that day we went to teach this lady that is hopefully going to get baptized soon if she can get work off on sunday's and we taught her about the BOM and she was actually excited to read it! Then that night we had a recent convert come to a lesson with us to an investigator who is working towards baptism and the recent convert was so powerful as she testified about her baptism and the change it made in her life! It was so cool. that night after dinner I had really bad acid reflex reaction from eating wendy's for lunch and pizza for dinner... it was the worst i've ever had and the next morning I threw up because of it. But it's okay, I prayed for strength, and i'm doing great now! haha

  2 things real quick: 1) we are teaching this man in his 50's who is an alcholic but is super sweet and sincere and humble. And we had 3 lessons this week and he is just progessing so much! Every lesson is so powerful, the spirit is always there, and when he prays I can tell he is literally having a conversation with Heavenly Father. It is an example to me. We commited him to be baptized February 15th! and yesterday committed him to live the Word of Wisdom! I'm so pumped. 2) we visited a referral yesterday who is golden. He is in his 30's and used to be in jail and an alcoholic and says that he is ready to make a change in his life. He is also sincere and said that everytime he has had this opportunity to change he turns it away, but he finally feels ready. We taught him the Restoration yesterday and the Spirit was defintiely there. I have complete faith in him that he will get baptized. He just needs to internally make that commitment. In our ward when we get excited about something we say "GAME TIME" our ward mission leader came up with it. So with These 2 people we are teaching, GAME TIME!

  Well Arizona is treating me well so far. We got mini ipad's the first day we got here to do our area book, teaching records, and planning in. They are so nice. There are palm trees everywhere!!! so it feels like vacation in mexico-the litter on the streets take away the vaccation feeling. haha but it was 85 on tuesday and has been pretty hot this week. I hope all is well! Keep sharing the gospel and fellowshipping!
love you all!

Sister Dewey

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