Monday, June 16, 2014

Another Wonderful Week!

This week was wonderful and filled with miracles! 

Last Monday we received a referral for C*. We met with her and she is going through a really hard time, and was pretty depressed. But we continued meeting a couple times and trying to give her hope. Because the message we have to share is really a message of hope and peace. I love this sentence in preach my gospel, "we are helpless without the Atonement of Jesus Christ." It's so true. I have felt that more here then I ever have. Well she came to the baptism on Saturday that the Elders had and then came to church on Sunday! She told people that she sees herself eventually getting baptized! And slowly, just this week I have seen some hope and light in her. The gospel is amazing. 

We are still working with S*. We found out this week that she can't get married to her boyfriend because He is illegal and is supposed to be deported. That happens so often here and it's so sad, because S* came to a relief society activity we had this week and loved it. She loves us and the church and the spirit she feels, yet she can't get baptized because she's not married. But on the bright side, she read the Book of Mormon this week and had an amazing experience. She was super stressed about life and had a huge headache. She said the moment she started reading her headache went away. The power of the Book of Mormon is real. 

J* decided she wants to wait for her sister K* to get back form Hawaii to be baptized. So her date is set for July 12. J* is super solid though. She is planning on going to girls camp in a couple weeks and on Sunday she went to the "mission president's devotional" with us. It was so cool and the spirit was super strong as recent converts tell their conversion stories. 

At the mission president's devotional with J*
This week our zone leader, Elder D*, taught us a little bit more of how we can use Facebook more effectively. It's amazing the progress we have seen, I've been messaging people from Qatar, Bolivia, and Ghana. We ask like how their faith in Jesus Christ has helped them and then start to have a gospel discussion. I found out that if I start to teach a lesson with them, I can add members from back home to the conversation to testify of the doctrine and then it can be a member present! So that will be cool to use that and see how much this work is truly hastening. 

Just some news/funny things:
-one of the Elders in our ward crashed his bike, so we gave them our car, so now we have no car and only bikes! yay for the heat! going to need some sunscreen. haha
-we went to visit this less active guy and when we walked away, his pet birds on the porch like "cat-whistled" at us! then he yelled at us and said "it was the bird I swear" haha 
-We talked to this man on his front yard and he told us that we should run as far away from Prophets as we can and told us that we were deceived. haha pretty funny. 

I love you all! Have a great week!
Sister Dewey

From a couple weeks ago ! 

We love our beautiful missionary Sis. Dewey! 

"We all had to squish into the car on the way to the visitor's center."

"I love my companion!"

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