Monday, May 12, 2014

K*'s Baptism!

This week was super good! And super windy! it's quite an adventure in a skirt on a bike. :)

On Saturday, K* H was baptized and the spirit was so strong! I had to give a talk on baptism. Hopefully it went well, that was my first talk since I've been out. But K* has come so far. Her boyfriend of 3 years, is a member and actually got to baptize her! When we first started meeting with her she was hesitant and not really interested. But the more we came and the more she kept her commitments the stronger her faith grew. It was so amazing to see how her prayers were answered through the Book of Mormon and the Holy Ghost. She is just so sweet and I can see her being married in the temple!

This week we reached our goal of 16 member presents! It was a faith building experience as Sister M and I put our trust in God and then did everything we could to have members come out with us to lessons. We went by potential investigators and because we had members with us who could connect with them, some have become new investigators and we are going to start teaching this week! This week my testimony has really grown of goal setting, planning, and having the Lord put prepared people in our path.

We are still working with A*, the 9 year old boy who lives with a less active family. It was also cool this week when we visited a member, T*, who is 13. He invited his friend, D* to meet with us and we were able to talk about God and how he has blessed his life and why we need prophets. It stood out to me how easy and simple it was for this boy to just invite his friend over to meet with us. It's not a scary thing and T* just did it out of love because he cares for his friend.
On Saturday we got to do service and help make tamales with some of the ladies from relief society. It was super fun and now I have the recipe! Also this week we met some crazy people! haha it was hilarious. We were riding our bikes one night and met all these people:
-a less active lady who asked us if we had cigarettes and then told us that she doesn't need any of our messages and that she is a walking time bomb and told us to leave.
-someone who waved at us with his comb on the street
-this lady who was just singing at the top of her lungs (a lot of people do that here... walk around town just singing like nobody cares haha)
-another lady who started yelling at us about mormons and going to utah
-this guy who called us cowgirls and told us "ya'll have a blessed night!"
Phoenix is awesome. We see the most random things everyday. I love it. And I love all of you! Hope you have a wonderful week!

"The cool dragon wall"

"Making tamales" 

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