Monday, May 26, 2014

Crazy Week

"This is one of M-E*'s friends from Springfield Oregon! Her name is Sister F and we are now in the same zone!" 
This week has been super crazy!
But then again, every week as a missionary is super crazy... especially in m*. You never know what you're going to run into.

"A* and his family!"
On Tuesday was Sister M and I's first time getting anti-Mormon. It was not very pleasant. The lady totally set us up too. The first time we came by she seemed interested and we talked a little about the Book of Mormon. And she told us to come back in 2 days. So we did and apparently she had studied online and come up with all this anti material and was just nailing us hard. Every time we would try to speak or say something she would cut us off and go on this 20 minute rant how there is no proof the Book of Mormon is true. The spirit of contention was there the whole time and the air was just really heavy. It was a very different experience for me, but looking back it humbled me a lot. Because I totally wanted to just argue with her and tell her what I believe and how we need faith and just smack her to wake up and listen to herself... but as a missionary, I had to control myself and look at her with the eyes of God and just love her. It's sad sometimes.
BUT, later that day it made it all worth it. Because we taught the recent convert K*'s sister, J*! Before we came K* had talked with her for about an hour just telling her all this cool stuff about the church and sharing her testimony, so when we came she was totally prepared to learn and feel the spirit. She said that at K*'s baptism the talk about the Holy Ghost really touched her and she was interested to learn more. She seems very interested and at the end of the lesson when we showed the bible video of Jesus getting baptized she said she wants to follow the example of Jesus Christ! The spirit was there and K* was able to testify to her of how much this gospel has blessed her life.

This week was transfers and our whole zone pretty much got changed! Out of 10 companionships, only 2 stayed the same. We also got another set of Elders in our ward, that is exciting! President T* invited all of the mission again to transfer meeting. He issued a big challenge for our mission. The goal is to have every companionship baptize once this transfer! And when that comes to pass, it means we would double the number of baptisms we currently have every transfer. To help accomplish this goal each companionship was assigned a different companionship to fast and pray for their success. I am really excited to see how when we come together in faith and prayer the miracles that will occur.I know this challenge has come from God. We also moved apartments so now we actually live in our area! 

We are still working with A*, the 9 year old boy who is getting baptized on Saturday! Sister M and I have found some cool ways of teaching him using games to help him stay focused and remember more. Some other funny things we saw this week:
-a car pulling a trailer that had a Llama, chicken, rabbit, and pony in it. and they looked like they were going to fall out.
-a man walking with this purple cloak that had a top hat and random scarfs tied to arms and legs. It honestly reminded me of Willy Wonka. Haha

Lastly, I had a wonderful surprise when I got to church on Sunday... The organist in our ward, Sister W*, had an appointment and wouldn't be at church... so there was literally no one else to play and I had to... I did so bad and messed up a bunch. But now I can say I played the organ for sacrament meeting. Hopefully I never have to do it again. haha The joys of being a missionary! I truly do love it though! And I hope you all have a splendid week!
Sister Dewey

"Me playing the organ during sacrament meeting. One of the other missionaries snuck a picture of me... haha its so embarrassing!" 

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