Tuesday, May 20, 2014

It's Heatin' Up!

So this week was SO GOOD! I thought last week was good, but it just gets better and better. I love missionary work. There is truly no greater joy than being able to share what makes me happy with everyone else :)

This week we were focusing on receiving and contacting referrals. it's amazing what God can bless us with when we exercise faith in Him and are diligent and obedient. We received many referrals this week and ended up contacting 11! And now we are going to start teaching several of them. And I know that the Lord is truly in the details of this work.

This week I went on exchanges with the Hermana M*. It was really good, I love her to death. During the lessons, I would share my testimony at the end and she would translate for me. It was cool to see how even though they didn't understand me or I understand them, I could still feel when the Spirit was there.

It's been super hot these past couple days. And sometimes our member that was going to take us to lessons had to cancel so we rode our bikes in 105 degree weather, no big deal... But it was funny riding bikes because random people yell at us all the time, like this lady thought we were Jehovah's witnesses. And then like 2 minutes later we actually saw some.

Stake conference was this weekend. President and Sister T* actually spoke at both the adult session and general session. Their talks were super good and the theme of the adult session was all about missionary work! President scolded the members a little bit and said don't be so kind to the missionaries. He said "a lot of you think when you feed the missionaries or give them a ride you are doing your part, but that's not even what will help them." He then went on to say, "i'd rather them go hungry or thirsty and have you introduce them to your friends or give them a referral." It was really cool because even though it was harsh, it's so true. We would rather talk with their friends or help them do missionary work than be fed.

Last night we went to the mission president's devotional in Tempe with our recent convert K*. It's where recent converts share their testimonies, and it was super powerful. On the way home from that K* told us that after her baptism her younger sister J* had a lot of questions and wants to learn more! So now we are going to meet with her on Tuesday! It's amazing the spirit and power baptisms and recent converts have.

Last night was also transfer calls!!! Luckily, sister M* and I will be staying in M*! I am so excited! I absolutely love sister M*. We will however be moving apartments so that we are actually in our area! I will send the address next week. And we will be getting another set of missionaries in our ward this week! so now we will have 3 sets! The work is truly hastening and is heating up here in Phoenix. I'm excited for this new transfer!

Sister Dewey

"Look at how raised this car is! it's insane! haha only in M*"

"We found this street that was lined with palm trees and it looked so pretty like an oasis or something."

"When we went to the mission presidents devotional at the ASU campus in Tempe, and the institute building with our recent convert K*"

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