Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Faithful April

This week has been amazing!
For one, it actually sprinkled a little bit one day! We got out of the car and was like RAIN! Finally! Feels like home! But that only lasted like 20 minutes haha its funny because when it rains here, it doesn't smell like rain, it smells like dust. Also it's pretty funny to watch people water their dirt and their rocks. (since they don't have grass as a yard). I guess they water it so that when its windy the dust doesn't blow everywhere.

On Tuesday, J* had her interview to be baptized. We were a little worried going in, but put our Faith in God and she passed! So new she is for sure getting baptized next saturday! I'm so pumped!
We also are teaching a 9 year old girl, L*, who is the daughter of a less-active. They started coming back to church and this week we extended the date of April 26th for her to get baptized! So that will be sweet. Also A*, the recent convert, her brother M*we have been teaching. And He pretty much told us that He wants to get baptized-he commited himself! haha he said he knows it's right and true! now he just needs to get sunday's off.

It's so cool because all these people have family that are members! Hence the focus on member missionary work. speaking of that, I just LOVED CONFERENCE!!!!! seriously, it was legit! We had J* and L* come and watch. But Elder Ballard's talk about following-up. DANG. I was like heck to the yes! He was so powerful, as well as Elder Holland of course. I loved his. And pretty much every talk this conference. It was sad because we were in the stake center and the power cut off right when the prophet was starting his talk... so I haven't seen that one yet...

We found out last night that my companion/trainer is getting transferred on Wednesday! And i'm staying here! It is very sad and i'm kinda nervous, but I'm excited for the change and the growth that I will have from it. Go forward with Faith. Just a cool experience: we went to contact a referral from the other sister's and we found out that person had moved back to Texas? So we just talked to the lady there and talked about God and how the message we have to share will bless her life and I testified of why I came on a mission in the first place. At first she was stand off-ish, but at the end she accepted a return appointment! And we had a member with us who is going to come with us back to teach her! I love missionary work!
I love you all! thanks for the support!
Sister Dewey

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  1. What a great message Sister D! I remember struggling with a boss to not work Sundays while I was preparing to go to the temple. It was difficult but I held my ground and prayed, Prayed, and prayed. Things worked out for the best...I received a brand new job with much better benefits at a local bank 3 days before I was going to be forced to work on Sundays at my old job. Not sure if you get time to read these Sister D but for whoever is out there....Sabbath is a Holy day and when we follow the commandments we will can expect many blessing to follow. I will be sure to pray for J. L, A and M.