Monday, April 28, 2014

A Wonderful Week!

"There's cactus everywhere!"
This week has been so wonderful! I guess you heard my prayer of sending rain here! It rained on Saturday just for a couple minutes, but it felt good! I was like ahhh, this is nice. Everyone was super cold and had jackets on. It was super windy too, and that's when its hard to ride bikes, when it's windy. But holy cow, There are truly some prepared people in Phoenix.

L* was baptized on Saturday! She is so sweet and her whole family came and had a dinner afterwards and made it a huge deal, it was so cool. The spirit was definitely there too as she bore her testimony of the truthfulness of this gospel. It was funny, she invited her friends to come to her baptism-she asked if they were catholic, christian, or Mormon. And her little friend said "umm... i'm Mexican" haha little children are so funny.

We had some powerful lessons with K* this week! She prayed and accepted a date to be baptized on May 10th. The spirit is always super strong in her lessons because she is so open to know the truth. We asked her why she wants to be baptized and she broke down and said that she got her answer, she knows it's right for her, and she has been looking her whole life to find the truth! She has so much faith because her family is all catholic and she is scared of what they will think, but she knows that what God thinks is more important. We also taught her the Word of Wisdom Saturday night, which ended up being super inspired because she was going to a party that night. She committed to live it no problem and is super excited for her baptism! I know that without the Holy Ghost answering her prayers she would not be here right now.
We got to go do a session in the Mesa Temple Wednesday morning with our zone! It was super cool and I felt the spirit so strongly! The temple is amazing and I have seen a real focus on it this week as we are working with J* now to prepare to do baptisms for the dead! Then at ward conference yesterday a lot of the talks were about the temple and families.

We are continuing to work with the members and find people to teach through them. We found a less active family that has a 9 year old son that isn't baptized yet, we showed the Because of Him video them and they pretty much told us that they want us to come teach the son, A*, so he can get baptized!

We are truly blessed here in phoenix because the work is moving along so quickly! Sister M* and I are having a blast together as we run into the most funny people and situations. We were riding our bikes one night and was waiting at a stop light, this guy comes up on his bike next to us and just sits there, staring off in the distance for like 3 minutes.... then finally turns to us and says "where you off to?" we said to go teach a lesson, he was like cool, i'm going to see a friend, then turns around and rides off in the direction he just came from... hahah so random. There are literally the most funny and crazy things happen every day. We went to this less active family that live in a trailer park, have 6 cats, couches had a blanket of cat hair on them, and the husband would randomly just get up and walk around during the lesson and the come back and act like nothing happened. hahah oh man, life is great! I love the people here, I love missionary work. it's the best! I love you all too! have a wonderful week!
Sister Dewey

"Most of our zone"

"Maryvale missionaries!"

"The rain!"

"L*'s baptism!"

"J* put m tag on during church!" 

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