Thursday, February 5, 2015


This week has been so totally crazy! The biggest miracle ever happened!!
So it turns out that Sister Bullard and I are both leaving Maricopa... that's not the miracle. The miracle is that we are staying together in our new area!!!! That seriously NEVER happens, being transferred together. We are so stoked. The crazy part is that the members we live with now are out of town, so because they don't want 2 strangers to be in their house when they get back we are going to stay in Maricopa for 2 more weeks until they get home! Then we will both leave and go to a Young Single Adult ward! It will be different not working with families but I'm just glad we get to stay together and I know this is what the Lord wants for us at this time. It was weird going to transfers and seeing our name go to a different ward but then we got to come back to Maricopa for 2 more weeks! I have been here for 7 months now and going on 8 and I still LOVE  IT! So we are going to work our hardest these next 2 weeks to find more people to teach!

Another crazy thing that happened is about this one guy we have been teaching. He's the one with the brain injury where we don't really know how much he understands. But he has been coming to church, so that's great! This week we found out that he looks at me more than just a missionary... He told Sister Bullard that I was making "googly eyes at him and he was making them back at me" during the lesson and that's why he couldn't focus. He then proceeded to tell her that he was in love with me and called us like 3 times a day to have us come over and see him. Then he started posting shrines on Facebook using the Book of Mormon and other pamphlets we had given him... it was super weird. We talked to him yesterday and hopefully made things VERY CLEAR with him that that is not our purpose as missionaries and that we can't come by anymore. oh the joys of being a sister missionary. haha

The craziness continues as we played Zone sports last Monday we played chair soccer and I guess after not playing soccer for a long time I forgot how competitive I am... I accidentally tripped one of the other sisters and she got a minor concussion. I had a long repentance process with that one... haha so because A* got baptized we don't have any other super solid people we are working with, so for the past couple weeks and especially these next 2 weeks we are doing a lot of finding. By going tracting, talking to everyone we see, asking members for referrals, just doing everything we can! We talked to this lady one day that told us we were going to Hell because we were being deceived by false doctrine. That was fun and took a lot of patience not to bash back with her.

But don't worry, "No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing"! There were many tender mercies this week as well! For FHE on Monday we got to go with T* and her family to the temple visitors center to watch Meet the Mormons! I got a really cool blessing from one of the members telling me that my next phase of my mission is going to be really impactful and rewarding! A less active, Brother R*, told us we were his 2 little angels and then he had never let any missionaries in his house before us! We read the Book of Mormon with our Jehovah Witness friend and he really enjoyed it and is going to read a couple chapters a day! While getting lost in the desert, we asked for directions, only to find out the guy we asked his a less active member living with his non-member girlfriend and they said we could come back! We met A*'s neighbor, who is not religious at all, but her 7 year old daughter has lots of questions so she invited us back as well! We found this less active lady who has a 13 year old granddaughter that she wants us to teach and baptize!
so I don't know if you know the parable of the wheat and the tares, but that is kind of my life right now! And it takes a lot of patience and longsuffering to not pull the tares out... But we are finding the wheat and helping it to grow! Matthew 13:24-30.

I love you all and I am so grateful for your love and support! And I am doing a project on Facebook to promote happiness and cheer! So I was wondering,if you want, if you all could take a picture of you doing something that makes you happy and send it to me through e-mail or facebook with a sentence or two of why it makes you happy! And then I can post it on my wall! Thanks so much, I am excited to see all of your great and HAPPY pictures! have a HAPPY week!

Sister Dewey

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