Monday, February 9, 2015

Back to the Basics

This week has been really great! I have been reminded of and brought back to basics of finding, teaching and baptizing.  
Last Monday we had a super cool experience with a member, Sister N*. She comes out with us almost every week, she is THE BEST because she truly understands the members role in missionary work. We knocked on so many doors for about an hour with no luck and then we were inspired to go visit a part member family that we had just visited not too long ago. We knocked and they didn't answer so as we were leaving they pulled up! We had an amazing lesson with them about the Book of Mormon and at the end, the non-member dad said the most heart felt and powerful prayer ever asking God for direction and guidance. I truly know that Heavenly Father has a plan for all of His children and it's all in His timing because if we would have gone over there earlier then we would not have met with them! The Dad, is also super prepared and really searching for the truth, the only hard thing is he works on sundays so he can't come to church. So we are still going to pray and work hard with that family. I also learned not to quit before the miracle! After an hour of nothing, but continued diligence, the miracle happened! 2 Nephi 27:23, God works according to our faith. Never Lose Faith!

We did a lot of community service this week for the members in our ward, less actives and then just random people we find. Since we are super trying hard to find more people to teach we talk to Everyone that we see, we go tracting, ask people if they need service or volunteer work, ask about peoples families and just everything we can. I know without a doubt that Heavenly Father is preparing people out there for us to teach. We did meet a couple people actually that set up a return appointment to come back this week so that's exciting! Also during service we have been talking to our less active, sister W*. We challenged her to read the first chapter of the Book of Mormon and after many times of encouragement she finally did. The next day her new job called her and said her background check came in and she starts orientation on Monday!! That was such huge miracle that we know happened because she exercised her faith and put God first.

On Friday we had a lesson with T*, our Jehovah Witness investigator at the church! It was super cool because our other lessons were always outside in his driveway and there was a complete difference in the church building. We gave him a church tour and talked about the plan of salvation, even though it was a little different from what he grew up believing he took it pretty well. and I know that it's because of the spirit that is in the church. He really enjoyed it and actually sent us a message on facebook later that night thanking us for the good time that he had.

some other cool things that happened this week:
-I went on exchanges with one of the sisters that will be taking my place in a week
-in the morning while we were running one day we saw 2 coyotes run right in front of us! It was pretty crazy and slightly scary at the same time.
-for dinner I tried deer meat for the first time, it was in the form of like a sausage. it was pretty good!
-A* got her temple recommend on Sunday and is going to do baptisms for the dead this Friday with the ward! So excited for her and the progress she is making, even though her baby could come at any time!

Life is great! I love the gospel, I love my companion Sister Bullard, I love Maricopa and I love being a missionary. It is bittersweet as this is my last week here, but I will definitely go where the Lord wants me to go!

Happy Valentines Day! I love you all!
Sister Dewey

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