Monday, February 17, 2014

First Baptism!

Hey everyone! I hope all is well!

This week has been Awesome and crazy and weird and fun! Everyday brought a new experience. For one, it's been like high 80s all week! The natives say that we are going to have a blistering summer because the winter has been so warm. But mostly this week has been a week of firsts.

~I had my first interview with President Toone! It was sweet. He is such a powerful man, I know that he truly receives revelation for this mission and for our specific areas. During the meetings following the interviews we talked a lot about diligence and obedience. Those are the keys to success as a missionary. And I have definitely felt that this week.

~J, H, and Jo* were supposed to be interviewed for their baptism next Saturday, but they are scared and are questioning now. So Sister-F and I fasted for them on Friday. It was the first time that we had both fasted for a complete 24 hours, and it was on Valentines day too! It was so cool to see how during the day food wasn't even a big deal. I Know that because we were fasting for a purpose, the Lord gave us strength to push through and not even worry about eating. I felt the spirit a lot stronger that day too.

~another First: we knocked on the door of this super sketchy and beat up house because it was a house of a less active, and this Huge guy opens the door without a shirt on! haha I was trying not to laugh the whole time.

~Had my first baptism on Saturday! It was 8 year old SB.The spirit was definitely there which was great because all of his extended family were there, and they are pretty much all non-members. But that baptism was crucial because the grandma is starting to become active now!

~Another First, we had 9 investigators at church! That is a record! There are some great things happening in the ward right now.

Well this coming week is week 6, the last week of transfers! I can't believe how fast time is going here. The day's are slow, but the weeks go by SO FAST! I hope everyone takes advantage of every opportunity they have to share the gospel! I love you all!
Sister Dewey

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