Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Miracles!

This week was so great! So many miracles happened that I am SO grateful for! I noticed that the more grateful I was for little miracles, the more I was able to recognize them and therefore the more happened! Heavenly Father is so amazing, He truly is in the "details of our lives"! :)

To begin with, we have been working with our recent convert, K*. We are trying to get him to come out with us to go visit people so he can prepare for a mission! His bike tires were flat so Sister Bullard and I (being bike experts... haha not really) changed his tires and amazing found a pump at his neighbors house to pump up his tires! All in the process talking to his neighbor and showing her the "He is the Gift" video! It was a miracle! We picked up a new investigator, fixed K's bike, and in the process his non-member mom came home from work and we were able to talk to her for the first time in like 2 months!

On Tuesday we had our first district meeting as a sister district! #Sistrict! Sister T* is an amazing district leader and because she is going home at the end of this transfer, she is so wise and always knows how to help us! That night we had another miracle! Bishop P* came out with us, he is the best bishop ever, So missionary minded! We went to A*'s house because we haven't seen her in a while. And her husband who is really against the church right now, actually came down and sat with us, participated in the lesson, listened to bishop, and committed to start reading the Book of Mormon! And the other miracle is that day we had 3 different members out with us and I was just praying that we would have a lesson while we were with each of them and we did! Heavenly Father truly answers prayers.

Thanksgiving was SO FUN! In the morning we went running to a park and Sister B* and I just played around on the playground, it was fun! Then I found a huge package from my family! It was perfect! After studies in the morning we made a bunch of thank you cards for members in our ward that come out with us! We had dinner with a family in our ward, the S*'s. They are awesome! Then we had another dinner with this single lady in our ward, and her 3 dogs, 3 cats, and 10 parrots! that night we got to watch an actual movie with our zone! We chose to watch FROZEN! IT was so good! I love that movie!

The next day was a miracle because we had a BAPTISM!! C and J-K were baptized that night. The miracle was that their dad, who thought he wasn't worthy, was able to baptize them! The spirit was so strong that night as he performed the baptism, I just know the power of the priesthood is real. Then Sister B* and I were able to present the Restoration while the boys were getting dressed and as I told the story of Joseph Smith the Spirit witnessed to me how true it is. I know without a doubt that this church was restored through Joseph Smith and that this church is true! Then that night we went to the K*'s for a bonfire and pizza! It was fun, I haven't roasted a marshmallow in over a year! And sister K* told us that we will always be apart of their family!

The next day we had a lesson with T*, who is just amazing! we went over the baptism interview questions and she is going to be baptized this week! As well as the B* Family! Please pray for both families that they will continue progressing toward their baptism!

Last night we had another miracle! After having a pretty slow day, we went to this part member family's house and they were going through their Christmas lights and ornaments! So we decided to help them out! And at the end, the 9 year old boy, J*, came up to us and said "I want to be baptized"! That was miracle! So we are going to meet with him on Wednesday and hopefully start teaching him and preparing him for baptism as well!

This work is amazing, The church is True, Jesus is the Christ and is the first gift  of Christmas! I invite you all to #sharetheGift this Christmas season! I love you all and thank you for the support!

Sister Dewey

- Haircut!-

~We love our beautiful sister Dewey!!~

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